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About Us

MCC is Itaú Unibanco’s Private Banking in Chile.

We are a prestigious financial services company of renowned experience in fixed income, committed to providing assistance to our high net-worth clients. MCC operates locally through MCC S.A. Corredores de Bolsa and offers its services in international markets through Banco Itaú in Miami, Switzerland and Brazil, among others.

We provide a complete financial service covering the areas of Investments and Family Wealth Planning. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, offering them assistance on family corporate governance structuring and succession planning through a highly customized service.

We count with Banco Itaú Unibanco’s support and security. We also comply with the highest ethical, regulatory and management standards.

Honesty, transparency and strict ethical conditions are essential factors in the daily work of every member of our staff. We also manage a risk control system which allows us to operate in a safe and protected environment for our clients.

MCC provides the best of both worlds: a close, boutique, customized local service, alongside the support, security and strong ethics of Grupo Itaú, Latin America’s global bank.


Deliver a financial advisory service of excellence, looking for the long-term preservation of our clients’ wealth and adding attractive returns based on the experience and commitment of our team.


Be the leaders on sustainable performance and our clients’ satisfaction.

Our story

MCC was founded in 1983 as Munita y Cruzat S.A. Corredores de Bolsa. Rapidly it turned into a Chilean financial market key player, standing out for its state-of-the-art and pioneering international markets management, which allowed their customers to invest abroad.

During 2014, Banco Itaú Unibanco, Latin America’s leading bank, acquired MCC’s control, which permitted us to add a consistent and robust operations platform to our service in Santiago and Sao Paulo, Miami and Zurich as well.

Due to the latter, we were able to extend to our clients every benefit and opportunity of Grupo Itaú, a company with more than 90 years of experience.

MCC’s founders, Alberto Munita Izquierdo, Gastón Cruzat Larraín and Eugenio Claro Grez, have worked in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Today, they continue to advice MCC actively and their experience and vision constantly influence the business decisions made.

Itaú. Latin America's specialist bank.

  • Market capitalization over US$65.2 billion.
  • 95,984 employees in Brazil and other countries.
  • 5,119 branch offices and CSBs in Brazil and other countries.
  • 45,859 ATM’s in Brazil and other countries.
  • Main financing provider to the expansion of Brazilian companies.
  • One of the best talent groups of Brazilian financial system.

The strategic vision for assets allocation is led by a Strategy Team, specially dedicated to international market studies, located in Itaú Bank, New York. Also, we have an experienced International Investment Team in Itaú New York and Sao Paulo. Itaú is available at the World’s main financial centers with an impeccable reputation and it’s well known for its deep knowledge of the Latin American region.

Itaú. Latin America's specialist bank.

*(Information from September 30th, 2016).