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Complaints Law 20.393

According to the Law n°20.393 that establishes the Penal Responsibility of Law Persons in crimes such as Money laundry, terrorism financing and bribery and as a part of MCC S.A. Crime Prevention model.

Stockbrokers make available to its clients, employees, suppliers and general public this Complaint Box. Through this channel, it will be possible to report to the Crime Prevention Manager all the information, fact or circumstance related to the crimes mentioned before. The complaint must be made by adding all the information known by the person making the complaint and with the maximum amount of details possible.

MCC S.A Stockbrokers, guarantees the total confidentiality of the received information, protecting the identity of the informer and offers also the option of making an anonymous complaint.

* Required data

Please write any relevant information about fact, circumstance or situation related to Money laundry, terrorism financing and bribery. Remember that all the information will be treated as confidential.