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Legal Information


MCC wants all the information posted on this website to be as precise as possible, but is not possible to ensure or be responsible for any differences that can be produced between the real market prices and those published here. Besides, it is important to consider that the prices informed in this website have some minutes of delay. MCC is not responsible and not necessarily agree with the information published in other websites that are published here through links.

Terms of use of this website

MCC authorizes the total or partial reproduction of the information published in this website, only if the person (legal or natural who is going to use the information), mentions the source.

All brands, names, designs and logos that appear in all the websites previously mentioned, are trademarks and/or used under license by MCC and its branches offices, except those which are clearly identified otherwise.

It is completely forbidden the use of these trademarks or any other sign published in this website, except in those circumstances where is instructed otherwise in this site contents or has been authorized in writing.

Any information or electronic material that refer to MCC by internet, is and will be treated as non-confidential information, except personal and individually recognizable information, obtained according to Privacy Terms and its acceptance through this website.

By sending any communication or electronic material to this website, it will be understood that you accept MCC’s or any business related can use the sent information, for any legal purpose, including the reproduction, transmission, publication, emission or printing. MCC operates in Chile, reason why this website is addressed to Chile’s residents and all the advertising presented here is only valid to Chile.

The person who fails to comply the conditions established here, will be under the sanctions established by the Penal Code, Intellectual Property Laws, Author’s Rights and others.